Welcome to a life-changing opportunity. A way you can choose to write new chapters in your life, put aside fears, and change what you believed was unchangeable. You can create Fortunate Changes in your life!

Discover how changing your beliefs can transform your world!

  • Discover how to open up your greatest potential that is locked within the Subconscious mind.

I have experienced depression for about 10 years after going through a hard divorce and losing about 6 million dollars.   I had tried everything from therapists,  self help books to spiritual mentors.

I lost 6 million dollars, Yes, you heard me right!Francine Fortunato

I started meditating, and working with crystals
3 years later… guess what?
I was still broke…. and worse… I was still miserable.
For 10 long years  I tried to recreate the lifestyle I was accustomed to but something was blocking me. I was completely lost… and didn’t know what to do.
I felt frustrated, I was confused, and I became more depressed.
And then came my darkest moment.
I knew I had to get to my subconscious, I realized I cold not do it by myself any longer.
And then…
Finally… An Answer!
It’s a little hard to explain what happened next… but it completely changed my life.
In that instant my mind went completely blank – and my heart seemed to open.
And I heard this voice come through – and to – me.
This voice said, very specific… Hypnosis
And in that moment, all of my questions were answered. during my meditation.
And I researched hypnosis and learned about guided meditation  and NLP.
You see … You easily get to your subconscious and tell it what you want to do, it can ease the old tapes and put a new app on you!!! Recently, I became a Board Certified Hypnotist, from NGH.
What could be better than that!  I now learned a direct path within me,  I tapped into my subconscious mind, and soul and had a direct connection to source.  “The Light”!!!
I felt in total alignment with spirit and life for the first time in my life!
My passion and goal is to help others, by bringing light to the world .

Fortunate Changes was created to inspire, empower, bring light to the world one person at a time.

Make Fortunate Changes in your life, NOW!



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